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Book Review: DEEP LEARNING with Python (Francois Chollet)

I've been meaning to do a review for this book for months, it's been sitting next to my computer staring at me, just waiting...

So I've taken a break from creating my online Data Science course to revisit it...

Deep Learning with Python is a book that covers Deep Learning from the ground up, using Keras to demonstrate how and why you could and should do things to accomplish everything from regression, classification, convolutional neural nets for image tasks, text and sequence processing with recurrent neural nets, auto-encoders, and into generative deep learning.

The book is authored by the very guy who created Keras itself (Francois Chollet) - although just because someone was clever enough to do that, does that mean they could explain it well? The answer to that is a very resounding YES.

Keras is one of the most intuitive deep learning frameworks, and the book comes across in that same manner - it all just makes sense.

When I first purchased the book I'd already been playing around with Keras for sometime so I wasn't completely sure how much value it would add. As it turns out the answer was a huge amount. As you always find, you think you know how to do something/code something and then when you learn more, or you learn from another source you realise how much you didn't know.

The book is great for those wanting to get into Deep Learning from the start, or those with some experience already. If you want a book that goes 100 miles an hour into the depths of the maths then there are probably better books - and that isn't the aim of the book.

It's also very "hands on" - you get the book itself, and then access to all the code examples that are discussed in a Github repository so can easily run and manipulate them yourself!

Highly recommended, a great read, and a great tool to refer back to!

You can get more info, or buy by clicking here.

FYI - I have no affiliation with the author or the book.


Andrew Jones has over 12 years experience in Analytics, Data Science, and Machine Learning within the Digital, Retail, Telecoms and Travel industries - most recently at Amazon, & Sony PlayStation

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