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  • Andrew Jones

Evolution Simulator series

I've recently been investigating the workings of Genetic Algorithm's (I posted my own simple example with Python code here).

In my perusal of the web I came across a series of four videos (each only around 7 or 8 minutes long) which I found so captivating that I had to share them.

The creator, carykh, has used a Genetic Algorithm to evolve some simple structures over time in order to breed new structures that can move quickly in a certain direction (you'll see what I mean when you watch them...). The nodes/connections/muscles are all dynamically programmed so that these little creatures really can 'evolve' over time.

The way carykh analyses progress over time is really amazing, and the narration and flow makes it a really captivating saga, especially as different species start to evolve!

I've posted the four video's below:

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