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Siraj Raval explains Deepmind's AlphaGo Zero

Last week I wrote an article regarding the news that AlphaGo (the A.I system developed by the Google owned DeepMind and beat 18 time world champion Go Grandmaster Lee Sedol 4-1 in a $1 million best of five match last year) had been beaten 100-0 by an enhanced version of itself, namely AlphaGo Zero.

News of AlphaGo Zero spread far and wide across the internet, with the reception ranging from awe to slight confusion, to those fearing the rise of the machines.

I recently came across a video explaining it in more detail, and think it's definitely worth a look. The video is from Siraj Raval, who we've featured a number of times before on analytics-link. His ability to convey complex concepts into easy to follow, and entertaining dialogue makes it a must watch.


All credit for the below video to Siraj Raval


Andrew Jones has over 10 years experience in Analytics, Data Science, and Machine Learning within the Digital, Retail, Telecoms and Travel industries - most recently at Amazon, & Sony PlayStation

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