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Data Science at Massey University, New Zealand

Data Science & Analytics are hot topics at the moment. Companies within virtually every industry are now looking to extract value from their data - and through a combination of increasing (and more available) computing power as well as the availability of many free/open-source programming packages, the ability to do this has exploded in recent years.

Economically, this means that that candidates with skills in this area are highly sought after in the job market, and can subsequently set themselves up with a very lucrative career path.

For those looking to get into the industry, or to perhaps enhance their current skill set in order to progress their career - Massey University offers the Bachelor of Information Sciences (Data Science) course.

We spoke with Dr Teo Susnjak who is a lecturer in Information Technology as well as Data Science Major Leader at Massey and he has summarised the course below:


“Massey University was the first in Australasia to introduce a specialisation at an undergraduate level in Data Science. Its Data Science major brings together the most relevant aspects of Computer Science, IT, Statistics and Mathematics, in order to create a tailored specialisation that addresses the current and future industry needs.

The strength of Massey's offering lies in its applied focus, and in exposing students to real-world problems through their assignments and projects. Massey's Data Science major has strong industry partnerships. This means that whether the students are learning to wrangle data, apply machine learning, extracts insights through data mining, or devise artificial intelligence solutions, they are doing this on real-world data-sets.

Massey's Data Science major is taught using the most in-demand technologies in industry, such as Python, R, and SAS. The degree does not talk about Big Data, but instead the students learn how to actually work with it thanks to their on-site Hadoop Big Data infrastructure.

The Data Science major is not just taught by academics, but by actual practitioners of data science, who consult and work closely with Massey's industry partners, solving data problems and devising data-driven solutions.

Due to this, Massey's Data Science major offers students maximum employability prospects. Most of Massey’s Data Science students secure job placements before they finish their degree, which is often propelled by internships and industry-based projects that are secured for final year students.”


For more on this course at Massey, please visit the course page where you'll find a really comprehensive overview of the what it's like, potential career paths, industry endorsements, key contacts, and of course how to apply!

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