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  • Andrew Jones

Transform your Data Science Career @ DataScienceGO

In all industries, conferences can be a bit hit & miss. Tickets are often not cheap, so you want to make sure it's worth your time and money.

Recently, I came across this one: DataScienceGO. The conference is seemingly the brain child of Kirill Eremenko, founder of SuperDataScience, and many amazing (from personal experience...) training courses on Udemy.

It will be held at the Marriott La Jolla in San Diega, California between October 12th and 14th.

A small numbers of speakers have been announced so far including Kirill, Hadelin de Ponteves, and Ben Taylor. More will be announced between now and July.

I'm definitely going to investigate whether I can take the time to head over for London, as I see this being a really great event.

Tickets look nicely priced compared to many other conferences in the industry. They'll be $499 but if you get in before April 27th, then you'll get the amazing early bird price of $129.

From the conference site: "Every data scientist wants a fulfilling career and every business leader wants their company to grow through the power of data. BUT, unlike other professions, those goals are being threatened by a disconnected job market where both formal academia and enterprise are incapable of providing a clear career roadmap.While real-world experience and skills requirements for data science jobs continue to go up, a HUGE GAP between talented data scientists and promising businesses is getting wider and wider. People are confused and frustrated.At DSGO we understand and can help. With SuperDataScience we've helped thousands (460K+) gain the technical skills. NOW it's time to take this journey a step further in an unconventional data science event designed to teach, inspire, and guide you!Your dream career awaits at DSGO."

Let us know on LinkedIn if you're thinking of attending!

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