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A must watch - "The Math of Intelligence" with Siraj Raval

All credit for the below video content to Siraj Raval

Earlier this year, we showcased some of Siraj Raval's YouTube work, and it proved very popular - Siraj has a way of making the most complex topics very watchable!

He has recently been compiling a playlist on YouTube called 'The Math of Intelligence'. This series is an absolute must watch for anyone in the data science & analytics world.

Over three month Siraj covers the most important concepts within Machine Learning. The pre-requisites for watching are only some understanding of basic Python and Algebra rather than in depth knowledge of Tensorflow or Apache Spark etc as it aims to provide a solid understanding of the concepts rather than just how to press a button within an API!

A few of the topics covered:

  • Support Vector Machines

  • Logistic Regression

  • K-Means Clustering

  • Neural Networks (Recurrent & Convolutional)

  • Random Forests

  • Hyperparameter Optimisation

  • Gaussian Mixture Models

  • Quantum Computing

  • Probability Theory

We've added some videos below for your convenience, but urge you to head to his YouTube page to peruse through the plethora of amazing content!

Introduction to The Math of Intelligence series

K-Means Clustering

Neural Networks

Hyperparameter Optimisation


Hope you enjoy the videos - please share using the social buttons below!

All credit for the above video content to Siraj Raval

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