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Password Cracking with a Genetic Algorithm (Part 2)

This post is a second part to my original post on Genetic Algorithms - it's worth reading the first post (find it here) as I won't go into any detail here, I'll just include the updated code in full.

The logic is pretty much the same, although there are some minor tweaks as the context is subtly different.

Instead of cracking a numeric passcode, we're now going to crack an alpha-numeric password. So the major difference is that the list of possible inputs is larger (94 vs 10).

Feel free to play around with it yourself!

Note, I had to really mash around in the matplotlib animation step to get it to work, so it's not essentially plots something the same colour as the background as it kept throwing up an error otherwise!


Andrew Jones has over 10 years experience in Analytics, Data Science, and Machine Learning within the Digital, Retail, Telecoms and Travel industries - most recently at Amazon, & Sony PlayStation

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