We're currently in the process of creating a course called "DATA SCIENCE IN THE REAL WORLD" where we will cover the real world skills needed to become a great Data Scientist.


The course will cover everything from:


  • Outlining the Data Science role in today's world

  • The creation of your very own Data Science Portfolio

  • The fundamentals of SQL & Python

  • The foundational stats and math required to excel

  • Data exploration, cleaning, and preparation for Machine Learning

  • The application of Machine Learning models - and how to understand and convey the results to key stakeholders in the business

  • How to deploy a ML model onto a real website (not just localhost)

  • Other key Data Science skills such as A/B Testing, Product Association

  • Data Visualisation with Tableau

  • Introduction to the key cloud providers, as well as Github and Google Colab

  • Creating a great CV

  • Nailing Data Science job interviews

  • How to build your Data Science presence online, and some tips on how to keep learning in this exciting field!


All will be done in the context of real world business applications.  To ensure this, I'm getting input from key Data Science leaders in big name companies to ensure students have the inside word on what is actually needed and what is not.


Overall though, I want to ensure that students are just as skilled in; framing business problems, focusing on the end-user, communication of technical concepts, problem solving, and teamwork as they are in the latest tech and tools!


Over 3,500 people have registered their interest so far.  If you want to be part of this too, please connect with me on LinkedIn and make sure to join the analytics-link-learning group so you can stay up to date when courses are ready!

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